Modestone Glowpad


7x7mm grid paper.

The most important task of a notepad is to function as an extension of your memory. Modestone notepads enable you to write under any conditions.

Modestone waterproof paper is designed for notes and drawings taken in the field in the harshest conditions , from the highest mountains to the deepest seas. It was developed using environmentally friendly technology and is fully recyclable and wont absorb any moisture even on cut edges.

The Modestone Glowpad is a waterproof notebook with a glow in the dark slate which allows you to write in the dark when no light source is available. This fantastic new product will allow you to write in caves with little visibility, and is the perfect notebook to use when camping and the light is fading. Place the glowpad underneath the sheet of paper you wish to write on and it will illuminate the paper.

The Modestone Glowpad notebook enables convenient note taking and drawing.

Modestone waterproof paper notebooks keeps your records secure and safe.

Modestone waterproof paper is resistant to mud, snow, dirt, oil and wear&tear.

It does not tear easily and won't get eaten by insects.

Modestone stone paper works with an ordinary pen or pencil, however you can also write on it with an old key or even a bullet, allowing you to write even in tight spots without a pen.

Stone paper is thoroughly waterproof and will not suck water on the cut edges. Modestone waterproof field book is well suited for dirty, sweaty or humid conditions.

Modestone is also an eco-friendly choice. Stone paper is made from 80% CaCo3 and 20% HDPE.

Current Users of Modestone Any Weather Paper include Police and all areas of Law Enforcement, Fire and rescue, Customs, Border control, Defense forces, Search and Rescue. Alongside professional users including Security company, Construction workers, Referees, Airfield workers, Reporters, Sailors and Dock Yard Workers, Agriculture workers, Arboriculture, Transportation Operatives, Fisherman. There is also a massive following for recreational activities Hikers and trekkers, Geocachers, Divers, Scouts, Bird Watchers, Hunters, Fishermen. These are just a few of the users who currently use Modestone Worldwide

What makes MODESTONE better than anything else available?

Competing products are coated or fully plastic

It is estimated that when 1 ton of stone paper is produced, it actually saves nature (when compared with 1-ton pulp paper production):

A lower amount of carbon is emissioned

7480 gallons of fresh water is saved

reduction of CO2 release

19.05 Kg water-borne waste not produced

107.05 Kg of atmospheric emissions eliminated

6 million BTU's energy not consumed

20 trees are not cut down

Modestone Paper can be used in the most extreme environmants and conditions

Modestone can custom make notepads for you in any size

In short Modestone is the perfect choice from the building site to the battlefield or the Ocean to the Alps