Khaki ACF and CCF Shooting Proficiency Awards (Per 10)

By Cadet Kit Shop
The approved  smaller sized ACF and CCF Shooting Proficiency badges to be worn on the new Personal Clothing System Combat Uniform blanking plates as per the Army Dress Regulations Part 8, Section 3. The badge is worn with the appropriate flash designating the weapon at which the standard has been achieved. A cadet may only wear one badge i.e. "œMarksman", "œ1st Class" or "œPass" together with the appropriate weapon flash or flashes.
  • Size 53mm long by
    • 18mm Pass
    • 29mm 1st Class
    • 29mm Marksman
  • Cream and brown embroidery on a red background.
  • Supplied in packs of 10.

Legacy Code: CKS12671