2-Part Battle /Shooters belt Crye Multicam Cobra D-Ring MOLLE - 45mm

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The shooters belt is a 2-part battle /shooters belt comprised with a reinforced inner belt with the outer belt comprising of micro MOLLE system allowing for complete modular sets ups.

The belt has PALS on the outside allowing any MOLLE items to be quickly attached giving you the option wear just about anything on the belt.

45mm / 1.75” Width Type 13 resin treated double sided Crye Multicam woven nylon webbing, Per Mil Spec W-4088, 7000lbs Tensile Strength

The webbing is doubled and a special layer is sewn in between giving the belt extra stiffness, this layer allows the belt to be comfortable but also prevents the webbing rolling when drop legs, pouches and holsters are attached. Military Specification hook Velcro on the inside allowing the use of an inner belt.

The buckle is an AustriAlpin D-Ring Cobra with a 4000lb breaking strain.

The belt uses a Velcro closure system which covers a good size range.

100% Manufactured in the UK using the highest quality products available.


Multicam MOLLE Shooter's Belt Review (Cold Weather)


Crye Cobra D-Ring MOLLE Shooters Belt was used by a Sharpshooter in the light role environment during a 7-day exercise in Estonia with temperatures of -17 degrees Celsius.

Belt Set Up: 

Attached to the belt was two sharpshooter magazine pouches, a small first aid pouch and two small utility pouches. The user deemed these were easy to fit and did not shift on the belt. 

Comfort and Feel:

The overall fitting of the belt was comfortable throughout. The Velcro adjustment made it simple to adjust to size and did not lessen through the exercise. However, due to the narrowness of the belt, sometimes the magazine pouch did rub on the soldier’s thigh whilst patrolling over long distances through deep snow. The quick release buckle proved easy to operate when taking the belt on and off.

Operational effectiveness:
The low profile of the belt made it easy for the operator to move around the battlefield. The was especially noticeable when operating in the trenches, built up areas and forests. The lack of storage capability meant that the operator did have to store more of his items in a pack and could not operate from his belt kit alone for a substantial duration of time.

Overall: The Crye Cobra D-Ring Molle Shooters Belt was a comfortable and easy to use. It was durable and allowed the operator to fight effectively whilst maintaining a low profile.