Camtech Tropical Military Camouflage Cream


Three camo colours supplied in a lightweight and robust compact which has an integral unbreakable styrene mirror and can be easily carried in a uniform pocket.

Camtech tropical military camouflage cream consists of three colours, Light Green, Brown and Dark Green. Camouflage face paint was developed and manufactured for use by professional soldiers. The cream is non-irritant to the skin and consists of a natural sunscreen of SPF15 %2b for protection against the sun and has excellent Near Infra Red (NIR) reflectivity. The cream will not wash off whilst going through water obstacles, but is easily removed from skin and clothes using soap or detergent. Camtech does not cause spots or pimples.

NSN 6850-99-924-7383

  • Contains and natural sunscreen to SPF15%2b for protection against sun and muzzle flash.
  • Camtech camo face paint has excellent visible and NIR spectral reflectance properties.
  • The cream contains only active natural ingredients.
  • Waterproof - Camtech military cam cream will not wash off whilst fording streams or entering water.
  • Washable - Camtech camo cream is easily removed with soap from your body and detergent from your clothing.


Legacy Code: CKS13296