Air Cadet Radio Specialist Badge

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Air Cadet Radio Specialist Badges available in Bronze, Silver & Gold.

Radio Operator Bronze Badge
Description and content - The aim is to give a cadet the skills required to be a radio operator for a flight of cadets during an exercise.
- Complete the Radio Operator training package
- Pass the Radio Operator theory examination
- Pass the Radio Operator practical assessment
Eligibility - Acheived the Basic Operator and Cyber Awareness Blue Badge

Radio Communicator Silver Badge
Description and content - Following on from the Radio Operator Bronze Badge, the following training aims to develop the skills required to run a network control station during a radio led exercise and further develop communication skills:
- Complete the Advanced Radio Operator module
- Complete 1 of the following:
1 Amateur Radio Foundation Qualification. This is a nationally recognised civilian certificate in radio operating and basis radio engineering.
2 Radio Data Communications. This module teaches cadets how to transmit data long distances over the radio.
3 Local & Wide Area Networks. This teaches cadets how to build and configure a computer network for a home or small office
Eligibility - Achieved the Radio Operator Bronze Badge.

Radio Communications Specialist Gold Badge
Description and Content - This training aims to develop the skills required to build a complete radio station, either in a building or in the field. There are two modules within this training: Technical Skills and Radio Deployment.
- Complete a Residential course delivered by HQ Air Cadets
(This can be delegated to Regions to teach and assess where suitable facilities and qualified staff are available)
Eligibility - Acheived the Radio Communicator Silver Badge.