Air Cadet ACO Pre-Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme Blue Badge

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Air Cadet award for those not yet old enough to start the DofE Bronze award.

This is an Air Cadet award that can be completed by those cadets who are not yet old enough to start the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

There are 4 Sections to complete.

Volunteering Section - Attend 75% of Sqn parade nights over a 3 month period and participate in a fundraising, charitable or communityevent or project.

Skill Section - Complete 1 of the following First Class Cadet Subjects: Principles of Airmanship. Map Reading. BasicRadio Communications.

Physical Section - Select any 3 of the approved physical tests and show improvementover a 3 month period.

Expedition Section - Complete the First Class Cadet Initial Expedition Training.

Eligibility - Any Cadet.