Here at Cadet Kit Shop we are the Official Kit Shop for the UK Cadet Forces including the Sea Cadets, Air Training Corps, Combined Cadet Force, Army Cadet Force, RAFAC & Volunteer Cadet Corps. We have a huge range of cadet boots, airsoft boots and army boots including assualt boots, patrol boots, full leather boots, parade shoes, ammo boots and more. We also provide socks including 1000 Mile and Highlander, Boot paint, Nikwax, Boot brushes and Trouser twists. We stock sizes from 3 up to 13 all at the lowest prices online and backed up by our price guarantee and next day delivery.
Our Cadet Kit Shop Footwear range includes MoD Brown and Black, regulation style boots for all cadet forces. We have field boots, parade boots and general usage boots for both male and female. Fieldcraft boots come in a range from half leather cordura to full leather to waterproof boots. We also have boots from Alt-Berg and AKU which are extremely lightweight and long lasting.
Our parade shoe range includes male and female parade shoes, court shoes, george boots in leather or patent toe cap, half wellington boots and oxford shoes. Boots can come with a spur and spur box or without.
Boots are worn by cadets, regulars and reserve soldiers, security forces, police as well as general usage.

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