Everyone in the Air Cadets (and the RAF) can be identified by the badges of rank that they wear. This list of basic adult and cadet ranks will help you identify them. The list starts with adults (instructors and senior staff) followed by cadet ranks, with the most senior in each group at the top.

ATC / Royal Air Force Air Cadets Officer ranks

Wing Commander
Squadron Leader
Flight Lieutenant
Flying Officer
Pilot Officer

Non-commissioned Officer ranks

Warrant Officer
Flight Sergeant

RAF Ranks

Cadet Non-commissioned Officer (NCO) ranks

Cadet Warrant Officer
Cadet Flight Sergeant
Cadet Sergeant
Cadet Corporal
Cadet Junior Corporal – CCF (RAF) only

Cadet Non-commissioned Officer (NCO) ranks


Cadet classifications

Master Air Cadet
Senior Cadet
Leading Cadet
First Class Cadet
Second Class Cadet
Junior Cadet

Cadet classifications



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