Cadet Lance Corporal
This is the first rank on the promotion ladder. It normally means a cadets has displayed the required qualities we look for to be given some minor responsibilities.

Cadet Corporal
This is the second rank on the promotion ladder. This gives the cadet extra responsibilities at the Detachment.

Cadet Sergeant
This is the third rank on the promotion ladder. By now, the cadet is a senior cadet, and has further responsibilities at the Detachment and now within our Company.

Cadet Staff Sergeant
This is the fourth rank on the promotion ladder. Sergeants who have proven their worth and excelled at their current duties are considered for promotion to this rank.This rank will normally mean you are the senior cadet for the unit, placing alot of responsibility on you.

Cadet Company Sergeant Major
This is the second highest rank you as a cadet can hope to achieve. This rank places you in charge of the cadets within their respective company

Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major
This is the highest rank achievable in our Battalion. This makes you the most senior cadet within our battalions 37 detachments, with over 600 cadets under your command.