Army / Combined Cadets – ACF / CCF – Badges on Cadet Combat UniformAll badges on PCS are to be placed on the 2 blanking plates as shown. These blanking plates are attached by Velcro fastening and are to be transferred from jacket to jacket.

2. On the left arm, the blanking plate is to contain uppermost the Union Emblem. A County/Contingent Flash may be worn below the Union Emblem. No other badges are to be attached to the left arm blanking plate.

3. On the right blanking plate are sewn all the qualification badges. CFAV entitled to wear qualification badges on Combat Uniform are to wear these according to Part 9 of these Regulations.

4. At Appendix 1 and 2 of this Annex, are the Proficiency and Skill-at-Arms badges that may be worn by CCF (Army) Section and ACF Detachment respectively.