Kitting out cadets whether from the ACF, RAFAC, CCF, SCC or VCC can be hard work! Finding the right cadet boots, getting a cadet pcs uniform that actually fits, getting everything needed in the bergen for annual camp - the list goes on - can be hard work! So we've made it easy here at Cadet Kit Shop. Our bundles solve this by putting everything needed in one direct place. 

Our most popular bundle is our boot bundle which includes full leather cadet brown or black boots. It also includes a high quality boot care kit, trouser twists and cadet olive socks.

We also have a PCS bundle uniform kit containing cadet shirt, trousers and smock. Perfect for Army cadet force cadets, RAF Air Cadets & Combined Cadet Force cadets as well as Sea Cadets & Volunteer Cadet Corps.

Our bundles also include a bergen accessories kit perfect for Annual Camp and fieldcraft weekends, cadet cooking set bundle and a hygiene kit.

Our bundles are built to include everything cadets need and nothing else and all at a reduced bundle price!

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