#Running is one of the best ways to keep your fitness up. Are you struggling to get started or stay in a routine? There are some great free #apps out there - here are few of our favourites!

• The Couch to 5k Trainer has been around a while, and for good reason! It's great if you're getting started or need motivation to find a routine. The app consists of various cardio workouts that change weekly, building up to a 5 kilometre goal.

• Zombies, Run! puts a bit of fun motivation into your runs! When you download the app, you’ll join the zombie-themed story that requires you to do missions that that equate to walks, jogs or runs in the real world.

• Nike Run Club lets you track your own run or choose from a selection of guided runs - these include short and long runs, speed runs, treadmill runs, a half-marathon guided plan and more.

All of these apps have free versions you can use and are available on Android or IoS. Do you use any already? Or do you have any other app recommendations?

May 20, 2020 — Cadet Kit Shop
Tags: #apps #running