Warrior Head Torch

By Web-Tex

A lightweight head mounted torch which has a white coloured beam, with a red sliding filter. The torch itself only weighs 95g including the batteries and comes with a removable, adjustable fabric head strap.

This Web-Tex warrior head torch has a circular high output LED light, with a sliding red filter. The torch light can be set to standard, boost or flashing, and has a weight of 95g (this weight includes batteries). The Web-Tex headband is adjustable to comfortably fit around the head.  The angle of the torch is adjustable allowing you to pick the optimum beam angle dependant on the task being performed.  This torch apart from the tactical aspect of this item is perfect for dog walkers, bird watching, hikers and climbers, allowing you to illuminate where you are looking without having to use your hands.

  • Powerful, high output LED bulb.
  • Wide-angle beam.
  • Bright White light.
  • Sliding Red filter.
  • Three settings - standard, boost and flashing.
  • 95g weight including the batteries.
  • Adjustable Web-tex headband.
  • Power supply: 3 x AAA batteries (included).


Legacy Code: CKS13298