Viscount Model Pearl Military Side Drum (Single Snare) 14" x 12" Red & Blue (RB#795) Royal Pattern Wooden Counterhoops

By Pearl

The military expect the best and Pearl have answered their call. Designed and built in conjunction with The Royal Marines and British Army the Pearl Viscount series drums offer 4 ply Birch shells with reinforcement rings which give the sound projection needed in every situation. The wooden hoops and tube lugs give the drum the classic look and the distinctive sound. The Pearl Viscount Military Snare Drums feature a 4 ply Birch shell with 6 ply Maple hoops and new aluminum tube lugs for better tone and lighter weight. The case-hardened tension rods provide consistent head tensioning. There are 2 versions available, one with single snare (VCS1412SS) and one with twin snare (VCS1412TS). All snare drums are fitted with drum ball feet to protect hoops and claws when placed on the ground Features Shell • 4 Ply Birch Hoops • 6 Ply Maple Hoops Lugs • Aluminum Tube Lugs for Independent Head Adjustment Claws • Die Cast Rubber Lined Claws Covering • Military (795), Size • 14"x 12" Heads • Batter side Remo Emperor Smooth White - snare side Remo Ambassador Hazy Snare Strainers • SR-015/ adjustable External Top Snare Strainer* (VCS1412TC only) Extras • 3x DRB-100 drum ball feet