The St John's First Aid Badges - Green - Pack of 10


The approved embroidered St John’s First Aid Badges. To be worn on the blanking plate on the PCS Uniform.

Cadets are taught First Aid to recognised standards and are awarded relevant certificates, as part of the training syllabus.  The syllabus is broadly based around the St John%27s Ambulance Activity First Aid syllabus, working at the following levels.

  • Basic & One Star cadets carry out syllabus based training covering incident management, making an emergency call etc.
  • Two Star Cadets are required to complete the St John Ambulance Youth Activity First Aid certificate course
  • Three Star Cadets have to complete the first day of the St John Ambulance Activity First Aid Certificate Course
  • Four Star Cadets may choose to complete the full Activity First Aid Course as one of their progressive subjects.
  • Size 30mm diameter
  • The award badge comes
    • Red, for youth
    • Green for adult
  • Sold in packs of 10


Legacy Code: CKS12697