Snugpak Softie "Hawk" 9 Olive

By Snugpak

If you’re planning a number of expeditions in different conditions, you need a versatile sleeping bag that will do a great job no matter what the temperature.
The Softie 9 Hawk is lightweight, micro size packs making it the ultimate easy carrier.

The Snugpak Softie 9 Hawk 3-season synthetic sleeping bag is a slim-fitting mummy shape, with the bare essentials for warmth and protection. The full-length two-way zip has a draught baffle plus a ribbon of stiff material to prevent snagging, and this works well. The hood is wide and roomy with a simple drawcord, and with it tightened right in you have great cocoon-like protection. The  Softie insulation is thick, warm, compressible for packing and quite soft. The Paratex fabric is very water-resistant and feels tough yet is soft against skin. The well-shaped foot area has reinforcement against boots – a sign of Snugpak’s military heritage, as are the D rings for hanging the bag up to air.

  • Weight 1200g
  • Length 220cm
  • Width (Chest) 75cm
  • Width (Knee) 60cm
  • Width (Foot) 40cm
  • Pack Size  18cm(L) x 19cm(W)
  • Origin  Manufactured in UK
  • Season  Spring
  • Temprature  Comfort: -5°c, Extreme: -10°c


Legacy Code: CKS13078