Remo 28 inch Powermax Ultra White Marching Bass Drum Head

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By Remo
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Remo Powermax® 28″ Marching Bass Drum Head Remo’s hugely successful Powermax® Ultra White pre-muffled Marching Bass Drum Heads have revolutionized the sound of Marching Bass Drums. They are constructed with an Ultra White single-ply 10-mil film with an internal inlay ring and in conjunction with the dampening underlay around the underside edge and a CS dot applied centrally underneath for added strength, the Powermax® is the ultimate in Marching Bass Drum Heads. Designed for Maximum projection, tone, and control, the high-tension Crimplock® hoop provides a wider tuning range and increased stability, ideal for all Marching Bass Drum applications. Powermax®: the perfect head right out of the box and onto the field. No assembly, no messy dampening and minimal tuning required.