Kestrel Olive Green Rip-Stop Bivi Bag

By Highlander

PRO-FORCE Kestrel Bivi Bag

waterproof and breathable

A bivvi bag is a lightweight piece of equipment which can be added to your backpack if you do not have room for a full sized tent and is generally easier to set up. A bivi bag will can keep you dry throughout the night, allowing moisture from your body out but also preventing it from getting in. Did you know that the human body, even on a cold night, can sweat over a litre of water and so in a sleeping bag alone this is likely to leave you waking up feeling damp a bivvi bag will help to limit this.

Waterproof and breathable
AB-TEX Fabric
Rip-stop polyester
4,000 hydro-static head
Taped Seams


  • Flat-260 x 60cm
  • Packed -21 x 7cm
  • Weight-310g


Legacy Code: CKS11832