Highlander Norwegian - Olive Wool Sock

By Highlander

Norwegian Army Socks are great multipurpose winter sock. The reinforced heel and toe to protect the feet even during long walks.

Highlander Norwegian sock has been designed for military activities in colder temperatures and so is ideal for winter activities including walking, skiing and adventurous training.  Produced with a high wool content to provide for warmth and durability.  Owing to the high wool content it is is naturally quick drying.  The seamless and flatlock technology has reduced the risk of rubbing and formation of blisters,  with extra padding in key performance areas including the toe, heel, midfoot, arch and bridge making it ideal for road marching and field use.

  • High wool content for quick drying
  • Seamless technology greatly reduces any friction or potential blisters
  • Extra padding in key performance areas toe, heel, midfoot, arch and bridge
  • Flatlock stitched toe
  • Composition: 80% wool, 10% nylon, 10% Elastane
  • Size:
    • Small (UK 3-5),
    • Medium (UK 6-9)
    • Large (UK 10-13)


Legacy Code: CKS13392