Genuine Issue PCS Olive Cold Weather Fleece Thermal Undershirt

By Official Cadet Kit Shop

British Forces Brand New Genuine issue (PCS) latest generation cold weather fleece thermal shirt.

NATO Stock No:8415-99-813-3260

Sizes are given in total wearer height (cm) followed by chest (cm)

Genuine issue cold weather light olive thermal undershirt, this replaces the classic Norwegian army shirt.
Specifically designed for use with the new MTP clothing issue.
Made from a 100% polyester fleece cloth.
It has a high zip up neck and a fishtail rear for seat protection.
It also has a thumb hole in each cuff to keep it from riding up the sleeve.
This shirt is not as bulky or heavy as the Norwegian but still has excellent thermal insulation.
Please note this is a close fitting item to retain body warmth.

160/80 Actual Measurement 92 cm (36" chest)
170/90 Actual Measurement 100 cm (39" chest)
180/100 Actual Measurement 110 cm (43" chest)
190/110 Actual Measurement 120 cm (46" chest)
200/120 Actual Measurement 130 cm (52" chest)

  • 100% polyester fleece cloth.
  • High zip up neck. 
  • Fishtail rear for seat protection.
  • Thumb hole in each cuff.
  • Lightweight, still has excellent thermal insulation.
  • Close fitting item to retain body warmth.


Legacy Code: CKS13510