Chosen Man, 95th Rifles, Peninsular War - Made to Order

By Ammo & Company
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Chosen Man, 95th Rifles, Peninsular War - Made to Order is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

A chosen man of the 95th rifles, during the Napoleonic Era they were similar to a modern Lance Corporal. A man of good standing and strong marksmanship abilities would be "chosen" to lead a squad of men. Their status was denoted by the white armband. The 95th Rifles would would go on to become the Royal Green Jackets and now THE RIFLES but the traditions and pride of the men who serve continues. This statue seeks capture the history of the service. All our statues include an optional engraved plate on the wooden base. On the bronze statues the plate is jewellers brass and the pewter/ silver statues have a nickel silver plate. To add a plate to your statue please select the option above and enter your engraving details. Please note if the engraving is left blank no plate will be included. If you'd like a blank plate please write this in the engraving details. Please DOUBLE CHECK the engraving as mistakes will require a new plate to be made. On the engraving the text will be centred and the font sized to fit the plate.

Please note these are made and engraved to order and will take 5-10 working days to be dispatched.