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RAF Air Cadets

Cadet Kit Shop have the widest range of equipment, badges, uniform and footwear for the RAF Air Cadets. Our badges are in accordance with the new RAFAC syllabus. This includes new RAFAC rank slides, RAFAC pins, RAFAC NCO & WO Rank slides and RAF Air Cadets MTP rank slides. Badges also include Air Cadet Heart start, first aid, cap badge, No1 Dress Rank Insignia, Cyber awareness badges, RAF TRF & Air Cadet Wings badge.

We also provide a range of uniform including blue short & long sleeved RAF shirts, RAF Air Cadets Parade shoes in Black leather or Patent leather and field craft boots in full or half leather black cadet boots.

Headdress includes RAF Officers Side Cap, officers cap, RAF Officers Beret, Genuine issue RAF Air Cadets beret. Other uniform accessories include RAF stable belts, cap badges, shooting badges, VRT badges and Royal Air Force buttons.

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