Rank Slides

Cadet Kit Shop provide a huge range of Regulation rank slides that are in accordance with British Army, Royal Air Force and Navy regulations. Our rank slides include custom made rank slides and slides for all ranks. We have a wide range for RAF AC, Army Cadet Force ACF, Combined Cadet Force and Royal Marines rank slides. Cadet rank slides are available in Olive, blue, light blue, olive green and MTP.

Rank Slide ranks available include: 1st Class (Rifle and Star), Marksman (Rifle and Crown), Pass (Rifle Only), .22 Rifle, 1st Star, 2nd Star, 3rd Star, 4 BAR Chevron, 4th Star, Adult St. John’s First Aid (Green), Adult Warrant Officer 1, Air Rifle, AWO (Adult Warrant Officer), Band Master, Basic, Brigadier, Bronze Award, Bugle Major, Cadet Corporal, Cadet Flight Sergeant, Cadet Junior Corporal, Cadet Sergeant, Captain, Colonel, Corporal, CWO (Cadet Warrant Officer), Drum Major, Flight Lieutenant, Flight Sergeant, Flying Officer, Gold Award, Gold Star, GP Rifle, Half Star, Junior Corporal, Lance Corporal, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Colonel, LSW, Major, Master, National First Aid Competition (Yellow), No Rank, Pilot Officer, Probationary Instructor, Red Star, RQMS, Second Lieutenant, Sergeant, Silver Award, Squadron Leader, Staff Sergeant, Staff Sergeant (Crown Only), TGT Rifle, Under Officer, Unit Only, Unranked, Warrant Officer, Wing Commander, WO1, WO1 (Infantry Pattern), WO1 (Royal Arms), WO2, Youth St. John’s First Aid (Red)

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