Army Proficiency Certificate Information

The Army Proficiency Certificate is a progressive syllabus that takes cadets from beginners to being peer group instructors. It is broken down into four stages and although the subject titles are the same, the depth of knowledge grows ever deeper. Upon successful completion of each stage the cadet is awarded a star and there are four star levels to achieve. It takes approximately one year to attain each star level upon which basis it is possible to calculate that a motivated cadet could achieve four star status after their sixteenth birthday. It should be noted however, that reaching the dizzy heights of being a Four Star Cadet is far from the end of your journey as you will discover from the other links on the website. In the mean time, here is a breakdown of the subjects that will be undertaken at each level.

Drill & Turnout

Wearing your uniform correctly and learning foot drill.

Military Knowledge

Finding out about the history of the Army Cadet Force and learning about the regiment or corps whose badge you wear.

Skill – At – Arms

Getting to grips with the cadet air rifle and the cadet general purpose rifle. There’s a lot to learn especially about safety, but if you have talent you could go on to shoot with the cadet target rifle.


Forget GPS, you will learn to navigate using a compass and conventional map and still get back in time for tea.


This is camping ‘Army Style’. Imagine, you are given a sleeping bag and a sheet to sleep under and out of a small box is all the food you are going to need for the next 24 hours of an exercise. You may go out on an ambush or even carry out a section attack, but you will have to be ready no matter what happens!

First Aid

Everyone should know basic first aid, but you will be trained to administer first aid in simulated situations. With a fully civilian recognised qualification.

Expedition Training

Now you have to use many of the skills that you have learned to be able to get from one point on the map to another. You may be walking a long way and have to camp out overnight or even for two or three days. It’s tough, but we will teach you how to cope.

Physical Training

You don’t have to be an athlete, cadets come in all shapes and sizes. Through our training scheme you will be encouraged to set yourself achievable goals so the only person pushing you will be yourself. There are also opportunities to take part in sports and the obstacle courses.

APC Star Levels

Basic Cadet 

Upon joining the unit, cadets will undergo 12 weeks of training in preperation for sitting their basic test. Once you have passed your basic test you become a Cadet. You will also be taught Heartstart First Aid.

1 Star

After passing your Basic, you will train for a further 9 months, advancing your knowledge of the APC. You will also complete a 1 day hike as part of your requirement to pass.

2 Star

Once you have passed your 1 star, you will train for another year. You are also required to attend and pass the Junior First Aid Course run by Battalion, and complete your Bronze Duke of Edinburgh, a 1 night, 2 days hike.


3 Star

After almost another year of training you will progress onto your 3 star. You are required to attend and pass the Cadet Force Instuctional Technique’s (CFIT) run by Battalion. You are also required to complete a Silver Duke of Edinburgh 2 nights, 3 days hike.

4 Star

After completing your 3 star, their is no formal star board to obtain the 4 star award. You have to show proof of progressive training in 2 subjects, for example attending your Adult First Aid Course and successfully completing the Senior Cadet Intructors Cadre (SCIC), a week long course run by the Regular Army.

Master Cadet

Master cadet is the ultimate pinical in any cadets career, with only a handful actually achieveing the award. It requires recommendation by the Battalion Commandant, then you will travel to Frimley Park – the Headquarters of the ACF – down in London for the week long course.