DofE HikingDofE Hiking

Duke of Edinburgh Kit List


1 x Large Rucksack (approx. 55-65 litre capacity)
1 x Rucksack Liner (or 2 x plastic bags)
1 x Sleeping Mat
1 x Sleeping Bag
1 x Survival Bag
1 x Personal First Aid Kit
1 x Watch
1 x Whistle
Small quantity of money (optional)
1 x Notebook & pen/pencil
1 x Torch
Spare Batteries for Torch
1 x Emergency Food Rations (NOT to be eaten until the end!)
1 x Water Bottle (1 – 2 Litres)
1 x Knife, Fork, Spoon
1 x Small Pocket Knife
1 x Plate/Bowl
1 x Mug
1 x Box of Matches (sealed in a dry container/bag)
1 x Small Wash Kit and small towel
1 x Cagoule/Coat (must be waterproof and
1 x Waterproof Over-trousers
2 x Pairs Underwear
Spare pair Walking Socks
Spare Thermal top or T-shirt
Spare Walking Trousers (warm, NOT jeans)
1 x Sunhat
Sun cream (if appropriate)
1 x Thermal Long Johns (optional)


1 x pair Walking Boots (broken in)
1 x pair Walking Socks & pair Sock Liners (optional)
1 x Thermal top or T-shirt
1 x Sweater (woollen or fleece)
1 x Walking Trousers (warm, NOT jeans)
GROUP KIT (Carried between the

1-2 x Tents
2-3 x Camping Stoves
Camping Stove Fuel
2-3 x Cooking Pots
2 x Scourers and tea towels (optional)
Maps (1:50 000 / 1:25 000) and compasses
1 x Camera (optional)
Food (small and lightweight)