Cadet Kit Shop is the leading store for Cadet Berets, Military British Army Berets and RAF Berets. Our Berets are crafted by Ammo & Company/All Arms Marketing & Manufacturing Organisation who are the world renowned manufacturer of berets. The Small Crown beret is the most popular style of beret and provides a much better look than the issued berets, they also include a superb quality silk lining and soft leather lining. The range such as Army Cadet Navy Beret, Khaki Berets, RAF Officers Beret, Genuine ATC Beret, Maroon Paras / Airbourne Beret, Commando Marines Beret as well as RMP Berets. Whether you need berets for Air Cadets, ATC Air Training Corps, CCF, ACF Army Cadets, Sea Cadets or VCC we have the beret you need at sizes from 52cm to 63cm.

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