This PLCE Belt Order is a complete, all-in-one system for both ammo and utility carriage. The belt kit pouches are integrated into the belt. Hip pad using closed cell foam to protect the user. The top of the belt kit is fitted with six plastic slide adjuster points for attachment of the PLCE Yoke in MTP compatible material. The belt order is provided with large utility pouches, each with an internal compression bag and 30mm quick release buckle, and two double ammo pouches, capable of carrying six SA80 or M4 magazines. These are mounted on left and right front. The belt buckle is a heavy duty, galvanised steel rigger type, with a self-tensioning, high-grip moving slider for additional security during wear. This type of buckle is slightly lower profile than the traditional quick release buckle and helps to ensure that prone position shooting does not become unduly uncomfortable.