Getting into good habits like exercising every day, drinking enough water or eating healthily is easy at first, but it's also easy to veer off course!

There are some great habit-tracking apps out there though - here are three options!

1. Streaks - with a colourful and simple theme this app makes managing multiple habits at once simple! It gives you multiple options to check off a habit, making it easier to keep track!

2. For those of you that love visuals like charts and graphs, Strides might be the app for you! It presents your progress and projected results visually, making it easy to understand how much (or little) progress you’ve made.

3. Habitica is a to-do list and habit-tracker that doubles as an RPG! Gain experience points and other goodies for habits you complete, and join up with other Habitica users on group goals!

How do you build your habits?

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