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Kit Lists

First time on camp? Not sure what to bring with you? Have a read…

Training Weekend / Star Board Weekend:

All issued kit
Notepad, pen & pencil
Wash kit & towel
Boot cleaning kit
Personal medication
Sports kit
Civvies for evening time
First aid kit
Sleeping bag
Waterproof jacket
Webbing for Skill At Arms testing
Knife, fork, spoon & mug
Seasonal items such as warm under-jacket, gloves, suncream etc.

Exercise / Fieldcraft Weekend:

On person:

Notepad, pen & pencil
Warm hat
Personal medication

In Assault Vest / Webbing:

Glo sticks
Insect Repellent
Brew kit
Knife, fork, spoon and mug
Spare batteries
Water bottle
Cooker & fuel
Survival bag
Emergency rations

In rucksack:

Sleeping bag
Roll mat
Basher kit (Poncho, pegs, string, bungees)
Wash kit
Boot cleaning kit
Mess tins
Spare clothing (t-shirt, socks, combats, warm kit etc)
2 x bin liners
Rations (as issued)

Expedition Training/Assessment Weekend:
Cadets Suggested Clothing & Personal Equipment for a FOOT Expedition

All clothing to be civilian – not military (Boots may be the exception).



1 pair walking boots (broken in – these MAY BE military Boots) – BOOTS ARE COMPULSORY

2 pairs walking socks

2 pairs sock liners (optional)

2-3 t-shirts

Thermal t-shirt (optional)

2 fleece tops or similar

2 walking trousers (warm, NOT jeans)



Flipflops/trainers/sandals etc (optional for evenings)

Warm hat &/or sunhat (as appropriate)

1 pair gloves (if appropriate)

1 pair shorts (if appropriate)

Sunblock (if appropriate)

1 pair gaiters (optional)

Waterproof over-trousers

Jacket/coat (waterproof & windproof)


Personal Kit


Rucksack liner (or 2 strong plastic bags)

Sleeping mat

Sleeping bag

Waterproof bag (e.g. for storing sleeping bag)

Sleeping bag liner (optional)

Survival bag

Small quantity of money (optional)

Notebook & pen/pencil



Torch (handheld or head torch)

Spare batteries & bulb for torch

Personal first aid kit (see below)

Emergency food rations

Water bottle (1-2 Litres)

Knife, fork, spoon

Small pocket knife/pocket tool


Camping Mug

Box of matches (in waterproof container)

Wash kit/personal hygiene items (some items could be shared as a group)



Personal First Aid Kit

At least 2 pairs of disposable vinyl (latex-free) disposable gloves

A large individually-wrapped sterile unmedicated wound dressing

An individually wrapped sterile unmedicated wound dressing

An assortment of individually wrapped sterile unmedicated adhesive dressings (e.g. Melolin squares)

An individually wrapped triangular bandage

2-3 individually wrapped antiseptic wipes

Crêpe bandage

Large safety pins

Small pair of safety/medical scissors

A pair of tweezers

Assorted adhesive plasters (e.g. zinc oxide, fabric strip, waterproof)

Microporous (medical) adhesive tape (or fabric adhesive tape)

Blister plasters/blister kit

Chiropody felt

Burns wound dressing

Eye wash (can also act as a wound wash)


Group Kit (to carry between the team)


Camping stove(s) lightweight

Camping stove fuel in an appropriate & safe container

Cooking pans


Tea towels

Food (lightweight & including snacks)

Plastic bags (for rubbish etc.)

Toilet paper

Maps (1:50 000/1:25 000) OS Explorer Map/OS Landranger Map in paper or active

laminated versions.


Map cases

Camera for Presentation Photography (preferably with Removable Card) – Phone Cameras are not allowed